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Upgrading Your Garage With A New Sink

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Adding a sink to your home’s garage can greatly improve the functionality of this space. However, it is not an upgrade that is simple to make, as there can be substantial planning and considerations that will have to be assessed.                  Avoid Attempting To Route The New Sink To An Existing Drain A homeowner may assume that they will be able to simplify the installation of their new sink by connecting it to an existing drain line. Read More»

Pipe Repair Methods Your Plumber Might Use To Stop A Water Leak In Your Home

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Plumbing pipe leaks are a common problem, especially when your plumbing is old and has seen a lot of wear. Pipe repair usually requires the help of a plumber when you want a permanent fix. While you can buy pipe repair kits at the home improvement store, those might only work temporarily. When water pipes are under pressure, permanent repairs are often necessary. Here are some options for plumbing pipe repair. Read More»

A Guide to Smelly Drains

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Smelly drains can be an ongoing problem, or they could be the result of an intermittent issue that seems to resolve and then comes back at a later time. It’s important to find out the cause, as sometimes smelly drains can indicate a major plumbing issue or even cause health concerns. Common Causes of Smelly Drains Smelly drains can be the result of a developing clog or material caught in the P-trap beneath the sink. Read More»

3 Times You Should Call For Emergency AC Repair

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A broken air conditioning unit can make hot and humid days seem unbearable, particularly if you live in a region that is known for high temperatures. This problem is even more unfortunate if your cooling system stops working unexpectedly. To keep your home comfortable all year long, it’s important to take quick action after an emergency happens. Here are 3 times that you should reach out to an AC service when urgent repairs are needed. Read More»