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Clogged Drains Cause A Long List Of Problems

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A clogged drain causes many more hassles aside from a slow drain. A severe clog can cause a handful of problems that you have probably never thought about. If you have a clog that you’ve decided to ignore, learn about some of the challenges that could be ahead. Pest Infestation For the average insect, a dark and moist environment seems like the perfect home. When a drain is clogged, the gunk and other debris make the water settle inside the drain, which creates the dark and moist environment the insects are looking for. Read More»

3 Drain Cleaning Tips Everyone Should Know

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You may encounter a clogged sink, shower drain, or toilet at some point in your life, which is why it is helpful to know how to deal with the situation when you encounter it. Here are three drain cleaning tips that everyone should know. Tip #1: Hot Water Often Does the Trick When you encounter a clogged drain, the first thing you should try pouring down it to unclog it is some hot water. Read More»