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What To Do When You Summer Cottage Has Sprung A Leak

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If you own a summer cottage, then you’re probably excited to take a vacation. Nothing is more relaxing then escaping from the city and getting away to the country. However, sometimes you are met with unexpected problems. You’re not always at your cottage, so you never know what problem is awaiting you. What if you have you have your pipes burst? Here is what you should do if you find that your pipes bust. Read More»

Sink Clogs? Don't Get Stuck With DIY Repairs—Call The Experts

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If you’re dealing with a drain flow problem, it’s best not to attempt to fix the problem with your own tools. The problem could have nothing to do with the pipes directly below the sink, and could be part of a much larger problem. You’ll want to call a plumber that specializes in sink repair and drain problems, to get to the bottom of the problem right away. Here are just a few of the reasons you could be dealing with poor water flow. Read More»

AC Issues: Is It Your Air Filter & How To Fix It

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You may not pay attention to your air conditioning system too much, especially if everything is working fine. But at some point, you may begin to notice a few signs that could be telling you that it is time to change your air filter. The following guide will help you recognize faulty air filter signs and help you resolve the issue as well.  Signs Of A Bad Air Filter You need to look out for the following signs: Read More»