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4 Signs Your Home Is In Need Of Drain Cleaning

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It's easy to take for granted the value of a working plumbing system. Unfortunately, many individuals don't tend to their plumbing components, like their drains, until they are clogged. Regular maintenance, like drain cleaning, will keep your systems working properly. Here are a few of the most common signs that your home needs its drains cleaned. 

1. Your Drains Back Up

If you notice that water is starting to flow from your pipes back into your sink, this is a sign that it's backing up. It's also a reliable indicator that your drains need to be cleaned. A drain that's functioning correctly doesn't need to be consistently plunged. 

When there is an obstruction in your pipes, this prevents the water from flowing freely. Depending on where the water is coming from, the water that's backing up may be an abnormal color. Drain cleaning will remove the obstruction and prevent these backups from occurring.

2. Your Sinks Take a Long Time to Drain

You might notice that it takes a long time for the water to drain after you plug the sink to cleanse your face or wash a few dishes. A slow-draining sink is a common sign that there's grime and build up that needs to be removed. It's important to clean the drain before the buildup turns into a complete clog. Have a pro clean your drains and avoid storebought clog-dissolving products, as these can damage your plumbing system. 

3. You Notice a Bad Odor Near Your Sink

When your water can't properly drain, it can cause all sorts of smelly problems. One potential issue that can cause an unpleasant odor is mold growth. A persistently damp, dark environment (like a drain or pipe) provides the ideal conditions for mold to grow. Not only is mold gross to smell and look at, but it poses a slew of potential health hazards. 

If water doesn't completely exit your drain, any debris in the water (like food particles or dirt) will begin to produce a foul odor. Food particles that are stuck around your pipes and drain can attract rodents and pests searching for an easy food source. 

4. You Notice That Your Plumbing Makes Noise When It's Draining

When water is going down your drains, your drains shouldn't make a lot of gurgling or squealing sounds. These noises are potential indicators that there are obstructions that are interfering with the water's flow of water. Your drains should make minimal noise, and there shouldn't be any shaking or vibrating in your pipes. 

Contact a local drain cleaning service to learn more.