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Commercial Plumbing Services: 4 Common Restaurant Plumbing Issues That Need A Plumber's Help ASAP

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The condition of your plumbing will determine the efficiency of your restaurant operations. The kitchen and the restrooms are the most critical parts of restaurant plumbing. The kitchen is prone to developing problems because the most significant chunk of cleaning and draining happens there. 

When you manage your plumbing well, you prevent problems that typically shorten the lifespan of your expensive commercial equipment. You also avoid creating health hazards and getting into trouble with the public health sector. Here are the four common plumbing issues in restaurants that require commercial plumbing help ASAP.

When the Toilets Start Backing Up

The restaurant washroom environment is a little different from the domestic one. There will be a lot of traffic to the toilets throughout the day, and some people are a little less careful about disposing of sanitary products in public bathrooms. To avoid getting clogs from these products, provide a bin beside the toilet to drop the products.

You can also have signage that encourages the patrons to use the right bins for the disposal function. Also, remove the paper towel dispenser systems and replace them with hand dryers. If the toilets are still backing up after making these changes, call a plumber to check whether you could be having a severe blockage in the sewer pipe.

When the Grease Traps Are Overflowing

Another unique challenge of the commercial restaurant environment is the amount of grease that gets into the drainage system. All the oil flows into the plumbing system after cooking and cleaning. The grease traps are supposed to catch the excess grime.

It would help if you had a regular maintenance schedule in place. Hire a professional to clean the grease traps every three months to avoid overflowing and blockage.

When You Have Problems With the Gas Lines

Gas lines dictate the efficiency of fuel supply in your restaurant. If there is a leak, your customers will suffer from gas poisoning, and the gas could even explode and cause massive fire damage in your hotel.

Have a plumber inspect the lines at least once a year to prevent such problems.

When Your Drains Are Clogged

The kitchen drains block because of soap, food particles, and food grease. They can lead to awful smells and customer walkouts. Call in a plumber for unclogging as soon as you realize that you have a problem.

These are complications that a commercial plumber can fix. With regular maintenance, your restaurant's plumbing will run smoothly for decades.