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Changes A Plumber Can Make To Improve Your Water Pressure

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When you turn on the tap, does a slow trickle come out? When you turn on the shower, do you experience disappointingly low pressure? You don't have to go on living like this! There are a few things that a plumber can do to improve your water pressure.

1. Replace Mineral-Blocked Fixtures

The first thing your plumber will look at is your fixtures. If they are clogged with a lot of mineral deposits (a problem that is really common in areas with hard water), then they may simply recommend replacing those fixtures. There are chemical agents that can remove the mineral deposits from fixtures, but you'll have to soak them overnight. You may want to take this approach with your more expensive fixtures, but just have your plumber replace any that are cheap or outdated.

2. Replace Mineral-Blocked Pipes

The mineral accumulation may be in the pipes leading to your tap or showerhead. In this case, your plumber can just remove and replace these pipes. They may first want to send a camera down into the pipes to see which ones have major blockages, and which ones are still okay. In rare cases, such as if your home is old and still has its original pipes, you may need to have the whole home re-piped. But usually, you can get away with just having the most clogged pipes replaced.

3. Open the Main Water Valve

The problem could be that your main water valve is partially closed and therefore not letting enough water into your home. This can happen when your valve is old and gets fixed in place. Your plumber can apply some penetrating oil to loosen the valve and then open it. If the valve is not in great shape, your plumber may replace it to prevent this issue from happening again.

4. Install A Pressure Regulator

In some cities, the water simply does not come through the pipes and into your home very quickly. There is a device called a pressure regulator than can help with this. Basically, this device is a big tank. It fills up with water, and then when you turn the water on, the water comes from this tank at whatever pressure you choose. The tank refills on its own, at its own pace.

There are plenty of solutions to low water pressure, so call a plumber today if you're experiencing this issue.