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Clogged Drains Cause A Long List Of Problems

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A clogged drain causes many more hassles aside from a slow drain. A severe clog can cause a handful of problems that you have probably never thought about. If you have a clog that you've decided to ignore, learn about some of the challenges that could be ahead.

Pest Infestation

For the average insect, a dark and moist environment seems like the perfect home. When a drain is clogged, the gunk and other debris make the water settle inside the drain, which creates the dark and moist environment the insects are looking for. In a kitchen drain, this risk is further escalated, as the clog often contains food particles.

Some of the insects that tend to gather in these spaces include mosquitoes, gnats, and cockroaches. Before long, these insects multiply in quantity and the infestations spills from the drain into other spaces of your home. It's essential to eradicate the drain clog to prevent an infestation from forming.

Water Backflow

The worst thing about a clog is the fact it typically gets worse over time. As more debris collects, the clog becomes larger. As the clog grows in size, less water is able to drain away. Eventually, instead of going down the drain, the water starts to backflow into the sink, tub, or other structure.

The worst part of this scenario is that the dirty water can backup even while you're using your plumbing, such as in the middle of taking a shower. It's common for bacteria to form around a clog. Consequently, when the water backs up, some of these bacteria will also travel through the water, which could put your health at risk.

Plumbing Leaks

Depending on the location of the clog, this problem could also lead to plumbing leaks. The problem with a clog is that while some of the water is able to slowly pass through, the rest of the water basically remains stagnant. In some instances, a large amount of stagnant water puts pressure on the plumbing fixtures.

Over time, the pressure strains the fixtures and hinders the structural integrity of the plumbing system. As a result, the water starts to force itself through any openings. An undetected leak can cause costly repairs, so it's important to eliminate clogs before they cause a leak.  

Don't ignore a clogged drain in your home. Contact a drain service to have your drain inspected and the clog removed.