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Troubleshooting A Grease Trap And When To Call The Commercial Plumber

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If you have a restaurant, the odds are good you have to have some type of grease interceptor in the kitchen. Depending on where you are located, this could be a simple box near the three-well sink or a big pit under the floor of the cleaning area. It is meant to keep all the grease from the kitchen from getting into the water supply and making it harder to purify at the water treatment center. Here are a few things to be on the lookout for in regards to this plumbing device with information on when you need to contact commercial plumbing services to take care of the problem.

Over Full

A grease trap needs to be cleaned out every four to six weeks. It is a nasty job and is often overlooked or not done completely. If you notice water backing up into the sink, you need to open the trap and see if it is full. It is probably best to do this after you close the restaurant as a full grease trap can be quite smelly. You wouldn't want your patrons to think the smell is what you are cooking. Using a big scoop, scraper, and bucket, clean all the solid waste out of the trap.

Clogged Flow Restrictor

If the sink is not draining, the first thing to check is the flow restrictor. This is a small trap and air vent that limits the amount of water rushing into the trap at any given time. Sometimes the air vent is clogged, and sometimes it is the trap that is caked with hardened grease. Pull the whole piece out of the line and try to clean it out. If you can't get it clean, it is time to call for commercial plumbing services to install a new piece. Improper installation will prevent the vent and trap from working correctly so it is not a good idea to attempt to install it yourself.

Anytime grease gets through the trap and into the pipes leaving the building there can be clogs. Since you would have to close the restaurant if there is a problem that requires the water be turned off, it is best to contact a professional to find the problem and fix it quickly. You should try to keep things running until it is time to close for the night and then have the plumber come. This will mean that someone has to come in early to get everything cleaned and ready for business once the water is turned back on. Of course, it is better than losing business.