Tips For Cleaning A Flushable Portable Toilet

When you need to offer portable toilets for your event or gathering, you should consider renting flushable toilets. Unlike a standard portable toilet, flushable portable toilets actually flush waste into a storage container. That container will need to be emptied regularly, though. Here’s a look at what you should know about cleaning out a flushable portable toilet to keep them clean for your function.

When Do You Empty The Toilet?

When the toilets are delivered, the technician should show you how the storage container operates and how to identify the fill level. Once you know the fill line, it’s often best to empty the tank before it reaches that line. It can make the process easier.

In most cases, you can lift the handle at the base of the tank and check the top of the container. If there’s waste near the top of the storage tank, that’s an indication …

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