What To Do If You Bought A Home That Uses Lead Pipes In Its Plumbing

If you just bought an older home, you may have some lead pipes in your plumbing. Since the news has highlighted the danger of lead in your water, you may wonder what options you have to protect your family from this contaminant. First, do not panic. You can make your water safer to drink by talking with a professional, like T.C.R. Rooter & Plumbing Repair, and by employing several different methods:


If your home was built in the mid-eighties or earlier, you probably have lead pipes. Even new pipes contain a small amount of lead. Although you may have lead pipes, they may not be poisoning your water. The only way to tell if you have high levels of lead in your water is to have it tested by a professionally certified laboratory. You can ask your supplier about the levels in the water source, but they do not …

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Tips For Caring For An On-Demand Water Heater

If you’ve decided to convert from a hot water tank to a tankless or on-demand water heater, you’ll need to understand how to keep that system running at its best. After all, tankless hot water heaters are vulnerable to some problems as well. Here’s a look at some of the issues you should watch out for and some tips to help you deal with them.

Hard Water

If you have hard water, it means that your home’s water supply has a higher concentration of minerals than necessary. High mineral levels can lead to various types of mineral deposits and buildup inside your tankless water heater. Over time, this can actually reduce the efficiency of the water heater or ultimately lead to a failed water heater system.

To avoid problems like this, have your water tested before you install an on-demand water heater. If the test results show hard water, install …

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