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Fixing Tree Root Damage With Trenchless Sewer Repair

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Just a few decades ago, tree roots encroaching on sewer lines was a serious issue that required days of digging, removal and installation to fix. The costs involved could be ruinously expensive, and whole streets could be shut down while the work was in progress. Nowadays, however, homeowners can enjoy a modern solution to an old problem through trenchless sewer repair. If you are exploring your options to repair a sewer line impacted by tree roots, consider the following benefits of using trenchless technology. 

Sparing the Tree

Typically, the trees that manage to dig their roots into a sewer line are old and well established, and cutting them down can be expensive, dangerous and a waste of an otherwise beautiful tree. Trenchless sewer repair is minimally invasive and destroys only the roots that have grown into your pipes, allowing the tree to continue growing healthily. This spares you an extra landscaping project and preserves your yard as it was intended to look. 

Avoiding Expensive Replacement Work

Digging a trench, particularly when it lies under pavement, can quickly run up thousands of dollars' worth of labor and materials. Trenchless repairs do not need to expose the entire pipe but instead dig two holes, one at either end of the affected section. A wire is then run through the pipe, either coating it with a fresh, durable interior or bursting the old pipe and replacing it with a new, seamless one. The two small holes can then be filled and the issue forgotten with minimal fuss. 

Fixing the Problem Quickly

As a result of this simplified procedure, trenchless repairs are also much faster to complete and can often be finished within a day. If your sewer problem is pressing or would otherwise take a week to fix traditionally, using a trenchless system can expedite the process and have your home back to normal after just a few hours of work. 

Installing a Pipe That Can Withstand Tree Roots

One of the greatest advantages of replacing a pipe damaged by tree roots with the trenchless system is that the new pipe is typically seamless. This means it has no joints or fittings through which tree roots can grow, denying them access to the pipe and forcing them to grow around it. When you renovate a pipe in this manner, you are protecting yourself and your children from future repairs, making it even more cost-effective in the long run.

If your sewer line has been clogged or collapsed by tree roots, don't fall back on traditional, back-breaking labor; call your local plumber offering trenchless repairs (like South West Plumbing) and invest instead in modern technology.