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Fixing A Leak Under Your Bathroom Sink

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If you have a leak under your bathroom sink then you may be able to fix the problem on your own. By learning more about your bathroom plumbing you will be able to fix more things on your own and you will recognize when you should call a plumber out right away. Putting off certain plumbing problems can lead to bigger repair issues, along with other problems such as mold growth, floor damage, wall damage, and more. Follow the instructions in this article to repair a simple bathroom sink leak by yourself.

Prepare the area

When you discover a leak, the first thing you want to do is shut the water off to the sink. This will stop the leak and allow you to repair it. Remove everything from under the sink and set it to the side. Lay a thick towel down to protect your knees while you are under the sink. Put a large bowl or small bucket under the pipes.

Find the leak

Sometimes the leak will be easy to find. However, sometimes they can be hard to locate because the water will drip along the pipes until it reaches the bottom where it will fall. If you aren't immediately able to locate the source of the leak then you can dry all the pipes off and pour a small cup of water into the drain. Watch for the leak and feel your way up until you see it's dry.

If the leak is due to a crack in a pipe, then that entire piece of pipe needs to be replaced. Undo the connectors with your hand, if possible; if they are too tight, then you may need a pipe wrench. Remove the pipe and take it with you to the hardware store to buy a new one.

Fixing the pipe

Take the new pipe and apply plumbing tape to it. Put it back in place and tighten the connectors with your hands. You shouldn't need to use the pipe wrench for this part to get the connectors tight enough to prevent leaks. This step is also the one you will follow to re-seal a pipe that's leaking from the connections except you will need to remove the old tape first.

 Once the pipe is securely on place, you can turn the water back on and the leak should be fixed. If the leak is coming from an area you can't fix on your own then you want to turn your water off and call an emergency plumber. Don't turn the water back on until the plumber has fixed the problem.