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Three Ways To Keep Your Office Operating During Construction

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Renovating your office building is a complex project that takes considerable planning. In addition to hiring the right contractor and designer, you'll want to make sure that you keep your business in during renovations. Here are three ways to keep your staff happy and keep your business open throughout the construction process.

Rent Restroom Trailers

Whether your plumbers are installing new pipes or your restrooms are getting a total makeover, they will be unavailable to your staff until the project is completed. Renting restroom trailers provides an easy and convenient way to provide needed access to restroom facilities, and they are a more office-friendly alternative to portable toilets. Restroom trailers are mobile trailers that include toilets, sinks, hot and cold running water, mirrors and everything else you might expect in a regular restroom. Your rental company can take care of cleaning and maintenance, so your janitorial crew can get a break from restroom cleaning duties for a few weeks.

Have Lunch Catered

Construction in your building might make access to the cafeteria impossible. Your parking lot will likely be full of construction equipment and vehicles. This makes it inconvenient for office staff to go out for lunch, so treat them to catered meals during construction. If your break room is part of your renovation, add a few banquet tables and chairs to your main work space and let your staff enjoy a communal meal together. Contact a local catering company to see if they can provide a reduced rate, as you will be ordering their services daily. They may even be able to provide waitstaff to serve and clean up after lunch.

Make Accommodations For Employees With Health Problems

You may have some employees who are not able to use the stairs if your elevators are out of service during construction, and some may be allergic to the dust that gets released into the air during construction. You'll need to make special accommodations for these employees to comply with local laws and regulations and to ensure their health and safety. Consider one of the following for employees with health concerns:

  • Rent an office trailer
  • Offer telecommuting options
  • Rent an office bus
  • Offer desk space at another office location

You may want to consider any of these options when the construction crews will be working in your main office area. Office trailers and buses are essentially mobile offices, and they can be parked in your parking lot. Use them in conjunction with your restroom trailers to create a complete remote office building during construction.

You don't want to put your business on hold during renovations, so consider these possibilities to provide access to your building and work spaces during construction.