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Clogged Sink Drain: Different Methods For Dealing With The Problem

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When one sink constantly clogs up, you need to figure out how to fix the problem. However, before you can start the unclogging process, it is important to know the different methods for dealing with your issue so you can choose the right method for your situation.

Inspect the Sink Trap

One area you need to inspect is the sink trap. Many clogs are the result of hair, food, soap residue and even toys that become stuck in the sink trap.

The sink trap is the U-shape bend in the drainage line. The main reason for the trap is to prevent sewage gas from coming back up through the drain. Unfortunately, the bend in the line is a good spot for substances to collect and thus block the line.

Luckily, you can disconnect the pipe right above the bend in the line and check for any clogs. If you find one, you can clean it out to remove the clog and any other substances that may be hindering the performance of that drain.

Remove Solid Debris

When you prefer not to take apart your drain to find the problem, you can try to remove the debris with a plumber's snake. This tool is a plastic rod that has spikes on both sides. You simply place the snake down into the drain and then pull it out slowly to remove solid debris from the pipe.

This method works will for removing debris such as hair and food inside the drain. In some situations, as the snake pulls out the solid items, it will also remove some buildup inside the line, which can include grease and soap residue.

One problem you may have with this option is that the snake cannot go very far into your drain. However, it will help remove large clogs closer to the top portion of the drainage line.

Flush the System

When other methods have failed at fixing your clogged drain, then it is usually a good idea to have a plumber come in. A plumber will have a much longer snake that they can use to remove solid items that are further down the line.

If the snake does not work well enough, the plumber can flush the line with high-powered water. As the water flows through the pipe, it breaks apart solid masses and cleans off any grease or soap that is building up within the line. Additionally, the water will clear out the main drainage line of your home, which can help you improve the ease at which water flows through this line as well.

A clogged sink drain can be difficult to remedy, which is why you should consider all of your options. Consulting a plumber is also a good idea if you are unsure about which method will be right for dealing with your clogged drain. Click here for more information.