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4 Ways To Brighten Up Your Bathroom With Leds

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The widespread use of light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, means it's now possible to add bright, colorful lights in the smallest of spaces, including the bathroom. While LEDs offer plenty of exciting new options for accent and task lighting, they also come with some surprising uses in places you wouldn't expect, like toilets, tubs and even tiles. Check out these four ideas for incorporating LEDs into your bathroom to brighten up your space, then consult a local plumber for help with tracking down and installing the right products to bring your ideas to life.

Temperature Control

LEDs built into sink faucets and shower heads can add a splash of color to water as it flows. While the earliest LEDs were simply used for aesthetic appeal or task lighting, modern LEDs in a sink faucet or shower head can actually do much more; look for lights that glow bright blue when water is cold, then switch to red to let you know when the water is hot. This technology can prevent scalding, and can also keep you from jumping into your shower spray before it's had a chance to warm up.

Toilet Lighting

When you're stumbling your way to the bathroom at night, the last thing you want to do is fumble for the light switch. LED lights in toilets not only glow when the lid is closed to help you find your way, but also when the lid is opened to serve as "task" lighting while you go about your business. Many are battery operated, and can be programmed to run based on your bedtime. 

Mood Lights

For a true spa-like experience, consider bathtubs with built-in LED lights that change color to make the water glow a certain shade. This underwater lighting is an excellent way to set the right mood in your bathroom using red lights for romance or soft blue to relax. For another twist on this concept, try colored lighting built-in under a freestanding tub.

Lighted Tiles

Some tile manufacturers have taken advantage of LED technology to embed lights right into ceramic tiles. These tiles give your bathroom a unique look, and the tiles also serve as effective lighting to guide your way at night. Even more intriguing, these tiles will run for as long as 100,000 hours if you want to leave them on all the time, but you can also extend their life by connecting them to a standard wall switch. Use timers to program the lights to only come on at night, or sensors if you want them to switch on automatically when overhead lights go out.

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