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Is Your Basement Getting Wet? Why You Should Call A Plumber First

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Water or moisture in the basement can cause major damage to your home and destroy any personal belongings kept there. While it is true that sometimes the problem is not due to a plumbing issue, it is still a good idea to call in a plumbing contractor to look things over. A plumber can repair any issues with the pipes or drains in your home or install a system for keeping water from collecting in the cellar. Here are some of the reasons you may have a wet basement and what a plumber can do for the situation.

Clogged Sewer Line

Sometimes it is possible to unclog a sewer line yourself. However, in most cases, if the water is backing up into your basement, there is a problem out in your yard somewhere. The clog could be from a collapsed pipe or tree branches busting the pipe and clogging it. Either way, all the water going down any sinks, bathtubs, from the washing machine or toilet is going to end up in your basement. A plumber will find where the problem is. If it is in the yard, the plumber will have the area dug up so he or she can clear the clog and replace the pipe.

Roof Runoff

A plumber is not going to get on your roof and clear the gutters to prevent water from running off and seeping into your basement. However, he or she can install a French drain around the perimeter of the house. This will ensure that if the gutters become clogged again, the water will be diverted away from the foundation and not get into the basement.

High Water Table

Sometimes the problem is that the water table in your area is so high that any underground rooms are doomed to being wet. A plumber can install a drain in the low point of the basement and put a sump pump in it. The pump will pull any water out of the room and the drain will then divert it to an area outside the house that has been prepared to take on extra water. This can be a leach field in your yard that will allow the water to slowly seep back into the ground water table.

You may need to call someone to clear or replace your rain gutters, or have a contractor come out to waterproof your basement. It is important that you also call a plumbing contractor at a business like Quality Plumbing Inc to help ensure your basement remains dry, regardless of the cause.