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Hearing What Your Plumbing Is Trying To Tell You

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You should learn how to listen for plumbing troubles around your house. Most of your plumbing is hidden from your view and this makes it hard for you to always know when there is a problem. By learning about some of the different sounds your plumbing can make and what may be causing those sounds, you will be able to spot troubles early on and be better versed on what to do.

Banging or clanging sounds – There are a number of reasons why your pipes may be making a banging or clanging sound. These reasons can include:

  • Forced hot water in need of purging by a professional plumber
  • Broken valve
  • Broken faucet
  • Loose pipes hitting other pipes or nearby objects
  • Too much water in a steam boiler
  • Water pressure is too high

Dripping sounds – A dripping sound can be coming from a faucet or pipe. Generally, when a faucet starts dripping it needs to be replaced due to internal issues. A leaky pipe will also need to be repaired right away. A collection of water can lead to mold growth around the area, so you want to turn off the water to the area until the leak is fixed, or put a bucket under the pipe until a plumber is able to repair it.

Vibrating sounds from a toilet – If vibrating sounds occur when you flush your toilet then it indicates there is a problem with the fill valve. When the gasket in the cap of the valve is bad it becomes hard and vibrates, causing the noise.

Rumbling from the water heater – If you are hearing a rumbling sound coming from your water heater, it can mean that there is a buildup of sediment on the bottom of the water heater. The rumbling you hear comes from water boiling that's stuck in the sediment. You can have a few gallons drained from the water heater in order to take care of the problem by flushing out the sediment.

When to call out a plumber – There are some plumbing problems you can fix yourself if you feel up to the job. However, you do want to make sure you have all the proper tools and enough knowledge to complete the job before you decide to take it on. If you aren't sure how to proceed with a repair, you want to have a plumber come out right away. Putting off repairs can cause worse damage to occur.