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2 Bad Breakfast Habits That Can Lead To Frequent Kitchen Sink Clogs

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If your kitchen sink tends to become clogged often, and breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, then it may surprise you to hear that the two could be related. If you love to prepare and cook large breakfasts for your family and friends, then some small habits you engage in to cut time in the midst of the morning rush may be leading to your clogged drain. Pay attention next time you prepare a morning meal to make sure you are not sabotaging your plumbing in the process. 

1. Rinsing Coffee Grounds Down the Drain

The proper place for used coffee grounds is inside the trash can and not down your drain. The same goes for tea leaves. Plumbers actually report that coffee grounds are one of the most common culprits when investigating clogged pipes. While you may not dump a lot down the drain at once, even a small amount of coffee-ground residue rinsed off your coffee maker can accumulate in your pipes over time. 

Make a habit of dumping grounds in the trash, then wiping off grounds that stick to coffee machine parts with a damp paper towel before rinsing the parts in the sink. 

2. Shaking a Flour-filled Cloth over the Sink

If you love to make pancakes, then you may be guilty of this bad drain-clogging habit. Once you are done preparing your flapjacks, you may wipe the excess flour off the counters with a damp dish cloth and shake it into the drain. You then likely rinse the flour off the cloth and finish clean-up without a second thought. 

To realize what happens to cooking flour once it is in your kitchen pipes, all you have to do is look at that flour on your kitchen cloth once it gets wet. The wet flour becomes very sticky. Now imagine the sticky mess in your pipes once the flour you shook in it gets wet with water from the faucet. 

Instead of using a damp cloth to wipe counters and rinsing excess flour down the drain, instead brush the flour right into the trash can with a dry cloth or small brush. You can then wipe the excess flour off the counter with a damp paper towel and toss that right into the trash, as well. Just these small steps can keep your kitchen drain from becoming a sticky mess. 

Most people love a good breakfast and try to prepare one even when short on time. Cutting corners when cleaning up after making your morning meals can lead to a clogged sink if you don't pay attention to exactly what you are putting down your drain. Follow these tips that don't add much extra time to morning clean-up, and you can then have great breakfasts and a kitchen drain that doesn't need a plumber to unclog it.