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Four Things You Can Do To Update The Plumbing In Your Basement

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Basements can have many problems with water damage. Many of these problems start with bad or outdated plumbing installations. Your basement may not have a sufficient sump pump and well or it might lack the one-way drains to protect your home. A plumbing contractor can do improvements to these areas to prevent many of these problems in your basement. If you want to avoid costly repairs to your basement, here are some improvements that you may want to consider having done:

1. Improve Exterior Drainage To Reduce Strain On Basement Plumbing

Many basements have a sump well pump, as well as interior foundation drainage systems. The excess water from rain goes into the well to be pumped out with wastewater. Poor drainage outside of your home can add extra strain on these systems. You want to have rain runoff drain away from your foundation, as well as gutter downspouts with drains that are directed away from your home. This will help prevent extra water from reaching your sump pump system and potential problems with your basement plumbing.

2. Installing A Backwater Valve On The Main Sewer Line  

You should also have a backwater valve installed on the sewer line in your basement. This valve closes when the sewer mains back up during heavy rains. This will prevent problems with sewage system backflow entering your home through basement plumbing systems.

3. Adding One-Way Valves To Plumbing Drains

In addition to backwater valves, you can also have one-way valves installed on plumbing fixtures. These valves will close when water comes through the drain. It is a way that you can add more protection from backflow to your home. These can be installed on things like sinks, showers and any other drains that you have in your basement.

4. Upgrading Your Sump Well And Pump To Handle More Wastewater

The sump well and pump in your basement is what takes sewage waste and pumps it to the main sewer line. This should be a well that is large enough to accommodate your home. In addition, there are also newer sump pumps that have grinding features. These sewage-grinding pumps will help break down sewage and prevent problems with your basement plumbing system.

These are some improvements that you may want to consider having done in your basement to protect your home. If your basement has outdated plumbing, contact a plumbing contractor and ask them about things you can do to upgrade. One company to contact for more information is AA Plumbing.