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Sink Clogs? Don't Get Stuck With DIY Repairs—Call The Experts

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If you're dealing with a drain flow problem, it's best not to attempt to fix the problem with your own tools. The problem could have nothing to do with the pipes directly below the sink, and could be part of a much larger problem. You'll want to call a plumber that specializes in sink repair and drain problems, to get to the bottom of the problem right away. Here are just a few of the reasons you could be dealing with poor water flow.

Ventilation Pipe Clogs

The pipes that stick out of the top of your home are called ventilation pipes, and air comes through the pipes to push waste and dirty water down the drains. The waste and water goes through the pipes into the sewer system. If the pipes have leaves, acorns and pinecones, or a dead animal trapped inside, they can't work and your sinks may be draining slowly.

Sewer Pipe Damage and Tank Problems

If a tree root has broken through a sewer line and isn't allowing water to pass through, it could be clogging the drain all the way up at the sink. If the septic tank is full, then there is nowhere for the water and waste to travel. The plumber will have to get out a tool that has a long cord with a camera on it, to see what is going on under the ground.

Drain or Pipe Clogs

Clogs in the trap right under the sink are common, or in turns throughout the plumbing near the sink. The plumber will need to push the clog through or disassemble the pipes to get the clog out. It isn't advised to use an at home drain cleaning agent, because if it doesn't work, the chemicals may come back up into the sink where you wash dishes or prepare food.

If the plumbers are putting a camera through the pipes or they are taking the pipes apart, ask them to inspect the system for galvanized pipes. These pipes are prone to corrosion, which can expose the family to lead and other dangerous toxins.

If you have a problem with water sitting in the sink when it should be draining, this could be spreading bacteria throughout the sink and the house, causing odors, and you want to get the problem investigated and fixed as quickly as you can. Contact a local plumber like Rapid Rooter Of Central Oregon for help today.