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Fixing Tree Root Damage With Trenchless Sewer Repair

Just a few decades ago, tree roots encroaching on sewer lines was a serious issue that required days of digging, removal and installation to fix. The costs involved could be ruinously expensive, and whole streets could be shut down while the work was in progress. Nowadays, however, homeowners can enjoy a modern solution to an old problem through trenchless sewer repair. If you are exploring your options to repair a sewer line impacted by tree roots, consider the following benefits of using trenchless technology. 

Sparing the Tree

Typically, the trees that manage to dig their roots into a sewer line are old and well established, and cutting them down can be expensive, dangerous and a waste of an otherwise beautiful tree. Trenchless sewer repair is minimally invasive and destroys only the roots that have grown into your pipes, allowing the tree to continue growing healthily. This spares you an extra …

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Fixing A Leak Under Your Bathroom Sink

If you have a leak under your bathroom sink then you may be able to fix the problem on your own. By learning more about your bathroom plumbing you will be able to fix more things on your own and you will recognize when you should call a plumber out right away. Putting off certain plumbing problems can lead to bigger repair issues, along with other problems such as mold growth, floor damage, wall damage, and more. Follow the instructions in this article to repair a simple bathroom sink leak by yourself.

Prepare the area

When you discover a leak, the first thing you want to do is shut the water off to the sink. This will stop the leak and allow you to repair it. Remove everything from under the sink and set it to the side. Lay a thick towel down to protect your knees while you are …

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Using Chemical Cleaners To Remove Grease Clogs

If you have a drain in your kitchen where grease has been forced down into the plumbing, then you will likely see a large clog formation at some point. Grease is likely to form an impenetrable and congealed mass, and your plunger will be unable to remove it. In this case, you may need the assistance of a plumber and a drain snake. However, there are a few things you can try first to see if the grease will release, like using a chemical cleaner.

Use Chemical Materials

You can use chemical drain cleaning solutions to get rid of drain clogs formed from grease. You should understand that you should only do this if your plumbing pipes are made from PVC. Drain cleaners will create heat that is far less likely to cause damage to PVC than it is to old steel piping sections. Also, certain drain cleaners will interact with …

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3 Common Home Sewer Problems

As a homeowner, you expect to endure many problems. Maybe your siding is stained, your carpet is dirty, or your windows need replacing. These are all things that can usually be handled quickly and easily without further problems. Unfortunately sewer problems are one of the most complicated problems for homeowners. They can creep up at any moment and be devastating to the home causing you a lot of money to get fixed properly. Sometimes your sewer issues can come without warning, while other times there may be some symptoms that will appear letting you know something is wrong. In order to be proactive, here are three of the most common sewer problems you could experience with your sewer system. Be sure to ask about them during your next home inspection by a plumber.

Tree Roots

One of the most common problems that plague sewers of all types is tree roots. …

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A Couple Of Common Issues Heating Systems May Experience

There are few problems that can create more issues for your home than a malfunctioning heater. This can be particularly true for those that are new to owning a home because they may not have experience addressing the routine issues that these units may encounter. Educating yourself about the following two questions concerning common heating system issues will help you to be far better prepared to keep our home safe from this type of damage.

What Is Causing The Outdoor Unit To Shake Violently?

You might notice that the exterior unit is starting to shake when in use as it ages. This issue can be alarming because of the sounds that it may make, but it is often a rather simple repair to have done. This problem frequently happens when the belts that power the motor start to come out of alignment. Once a trained technician has tuned and balanced …

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3 Common Signs Your Water Heater Is In Trouble

It’s hard to imagine living life without warm water these days, as it has become a staple for comfortable living for millions of Americans. As such, when your warm water is taken away from you due to water heater troubles, it can often be quite frustrating. As a homeowner though, there are quite a few signs that your water heater will give you that it’s in bad health, which means you can minimize downtimes if you are diligent. Here are a few common signs that your water heater needs servicing.

Rusty Water

You turn on the tap for a nice warm bath or shower, or maybe you’re even running water for dishes, only to notice that the water is a sickly brown color. Quite obviously, this means something is wrong somewhere in your plumbing. Generally, this means that there is quite the sediment buildup in your water heater’s tank, which …

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